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Do you want to visit Seville with kids? Here you have five places you can´t miss

For those families who travel to Seville with kids this city offers many iteresting places. If you are thinking about traveling to Seville with kids, this is a perfect destination kid-friendly. This city offers you the best conditions to do it: the weather, with lots of sunny days during the year makes it a great option for turists from coldest cities. In addition, Seville has a splendid network of cycle paths, which makes getting around the city very easy and fun for families with children. Specifically, we want to show you five places you can not miss if you travel to Seville with kids. All of them are Kid friendly and can be visited in a more special way. Take note! 1. Seville with Kids: Alcázar de Sevilla The Real Alcazar in Seville is one of the main monuments of the city and is a must visit for all tourists traveling to Seville with children. Taking a walk through its spectacular gardens is a small luxury for tourists traveling to Seville with the family. There are different options to visit the Real Alcázar of Seville with children. The association of tour guides Sevilla Official Tours organizes tours specifically designed for children and make the visit to this monument a game. Sevilla Official Tours 653 287 310 Contacta con Seville Official Tour 2. Seville with kids: Catedral de Sevilla y Giralda Seville Cathedral and the Giralda are another essential stops on the route of families traveling with children to Seville. The greatness of the Cathedral certainly surprised either children and adults. You will have the opportunity to get lost for hours through the magnificent Gothic building. Children will have fun climbing the ramps that lead to the top of the bell tower of the Giralda. Both constructions can be visited on specific routes…

Five Restaurants to eat with Children in Seville

To have a meal in restaurants with children is often very hard for many parents who cannot find in Seville bars or restaurants to be completely comfortable with the kids. What happen? Aren’t they any child-friendly restaurant in Seville where both adults and children enjoy their meals? Of course there are! Here Families with children can find our recommendation of five places to eat in Seville with the kids. Kid-friendly restaurants are becoming trend in Seville so we can write another article soon with more recommendations. Take note and enjoy your meal! Puerto Delicia Situated in Muelle de las Delicias we can find the Restaurant Puerto Delicia. Eating in this restaurant is the perfect way of finish a morning trip to this area of Seville, which is a focal point of children's entertainment in the City. Quite near of this child-friendly restaurant, we can find the Aquarium, the Ferris wheel and quite close, the House of Science. In Puerto Delicia Restaurant, kids will enjoy an entertainment service with games and activities from 2.00 p.m. until 6.00 p.m . The instructors can take the children to the Las Delicias Garden, right next to the restaurant, where plenty of activities are organized for them. Families with children can enjoy this service all weekends and holidays. In the Menu of Puerto Delicia Restaurant we can find local food and of course a special kids menu. QCross Sevilla (Parque Pirotecnia-Viapol) This Restaurant is a fantastic option for an outdoor meal enjoying the sunny weather of Seville. QCross Restaurant is situated in Parque Pirotecnia, just in front the Shopping Center “Nuevo Viapol”. As it is a Restaurant situated in a Park, kids can run and play without danger. The restaurant's terrace is located right next to a playground with slides, swings and other equipment, so it´s a fantastic place to control your children…

Puerto Delicia: eating with kids in Seville next to the Aquarium

Delicias Dock in Seville is a pedestrian area, comfortable and children adapted. It’s a place where you can also find one of the most geared for kids attractions of all town: The Aquarium.  The Restaurant at Delicias Dock offers a whole day packed with entertainment: a stroll by the boardwalk and family lunch along with activities and games for kids. Children can enjoy a very special dessert too. Entertainers will guide them through the 35 water tanks at the aquarium. Lunches are available from 14 pm, as the restaurant opens. Till they become 18, kids older than 3 can enjoy the restaurant service of games and activities. Along with entertainers, kids will play at the Jardín de las Delicias (Delicias’ Garden), an open air space next to the restaurant.  This restaurant makes a point of saying it welcomes children. Families can have lunch next to the river and children may enjone a special menu to suit smaller appetites: burgers, nuggets, pasta and dessert. For a while, adults and kids can eat together. Afterwards children can join in with all activities.