Guided tours with the family through the Alcazar of Seville

The courtyards, gardens and works of art of the Alcazar of Seville are all together one of the main symbols and references of Seville. Therefore, they are a must visit for all children…

Sevilla Official Tours offers guided tours to visit the Alcazar of Seville with children

The courtyards, gardens and works of art of the Alcazar of Seville are all together one of the main symbols and references of Seville. Therefore, they are a must for all children and adults living in the city, as well as for visitors. Sevilla Official Tours organizes a program of guided routes for families with children who want to spend the day in this great historical complex. Moreover, they offer the possibility to do the tour in English, as long as it is requested in advanced.

Alcazar of Seville garden | Sevilla con los peques

The different experiences prepared by the tour guides for children include treasure hunting, riddles, or tests to solve about the geometric figures of the tiling. It is an interactive tour in which children will learn the most important parts of history, such as how the products came from America, what was eaten in the Middle Ages or how they dressed.

Alcazar of Seville with kids | Sevilla con los peques

Routes usually depart at 12 in the morning from Plaza del Triunfo (monument to the Inmaculate).

The promoters of this initiative are official tour guides grouped under Sevilla Official Tours. They have designed these weekly routes for families who want to spend a fun and educational morning in the Alcazar of Seville. It means an opportunity for both adults and children to get closer to the great historical set of the city outside school hours.

Alcazar of Seville Arabics archs | Sevilla con los peques

For families living in Seville and for all legal residents, the visit to the Alcazar is free, as long as their ID or the corresponding accrediting document are provided at the entrance. They will only have to pay for the the guided route that amounts to ten euros per adult and six euros per child. It is important to notice that no more than two children per adult are allowed.

Alcazar of Seville outside | Sevilla con los peques

Prices of the Visit to the Alcazar of Seville:

In the case of families visiting Seville who want to enjoy the Alcazar with a guided route, the adult price is 9.5 euros for the entrance to the Alcazar of Seville plus 10 euros for the guided route. In the case of children, as they have free access to the historic site, they will only have to pay 6 euros for the tour. Apart form that, the monument requires the use of headphones, so all visitors will also have to pay 1 extra euro for it.

Alcazar of Seville inside | Sevilla con los peques

To participate in these visits organized by Sevilla Official Tours, it is essential to make a prior reservation through Seville Official Tours website, by calling 653 28 73 10 or by email at The appointment will normally be on Sundays from 12.00 at the monument to the Immaculate in Plaza del Triunfo.

Alcazar of Seville Peacock | Sevilla con los peques

Visit Seville with Kids to find plans to do with your children in seville. 

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